Dense Phase Vessel
Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying system is the ideal way to convey A to Z bulk materials and has wide applications.

Mecgale brings in it’s wealth of experience to the technical and engineering aspect of Dense Phase Conveying System . Each of our system is custom designed and utilizes latest modern technology to achieve optimum performance characteristic at highest efficiency.

We provide system as low as few hundred kg to very high capacity system even up-to 350 TPH. We are also executing projects of 65TPH Fly Ash conveying system to convey as long as 1850 mtrs.

The features and benefits of Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying system is simply endless. Following are the key feature & benefits.
  Full Automatic control system  
  Long distance conveying capability-System can be designed to convey up to 1-1.5km.  
  Low to high capacity conveying capability.  
  Materials from fine dust to lump of approx 50 mm.  
  High temperature capability (Up-to 450º C)  
  Capable to convey highly abrasive to corrosive chemicals.  
Key Benefits:
Environmental Protection. As conveying material is transported through enclosed pipeline, negates all    chances of environmental pollution.
Economic- low energy requirement. Materials to air ratio is below 25: 1.
Easy to install. Economy in space requirements and can be easily routed through difficult area.
Easy to overhaul. Low maintenance cost.
Fully automatic.
Flexibility of routing in existing or new plant.
Dome valve is the only moving part, resulting in zero down time.


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