Mecgale offers Vacuum Conveying System for transportation of low to medium density bulk solid materials. This system runs on Dilute phase principle, hence works on low pressure (up-to 400mm / 12inch of hg), conveying velocity is high (greater than 20 m/sec) and conveys a short distance. The material is fed continuously in to the conveying line with the help vacuum , which is supplied by low pressure positive displacement blower. The application of air pressure supplied by the vacuum pump creates high enough air velocity and low enough solid to material ratio to move the bulk material in this manner. The system includes vacuum nozzle, conveying line, filter/receiver, rotary airlock valve and positive displacement blower.

The installation cost of the system is low and the head room required is also low. Dust free operation, easy cleaning feature make this system is particularly suitable for conveying of food , Pharma Materials & extremely suitable for safe conveying of hazardous materials.

The list of material conveyed is virtually endless, some of the materials conveyed are Fly ash, Plastic pellet, Grain, Flour, Malt, Salt , Sugar, Spices.. etc.




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