Mecgale specializes in providing complete range of Eco friendly solutions for Fly Ash Handling system for PF, CFBC, AFBC ..etc boilers . Company offers :-
Pneumatic Pressure Conveying System
Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying System
Mechanical Conveying System
Silo Extraction System
Pneumatic Pressure Conveying System
Fly Ash Handling System For ESP Of 210MW Unit  
Ashcon has revolutionized the conveying of fly ash from ESP, Bag Filter etc, which can be coarse to very fine. The highly abrasive dust is safely conveyed in a pipeline at low velocity to storage silo by means of Ashcon. The dry fly ash can be used as important raw material for Cement, Bricks etc thus helping in material beneficiation and also prevents environmental pollution. Our system is versatile, efficient, reliable, fully automatic and working through Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying principle.

It’s unique feature is multi-vessel pick up point using single conveying line with bottom discharge and no outlet valve fitted.

In order to suit clients requirement for high capacity and long distance conveying we have developed Powercon, Flowcon.etc.

Mecgale has successfully executed high capacity single vessel pneumatic conveying system of even 250TPH capacity and also executed project with conveying distance of 1500 mtrs. For one of our client we are presently executing 65 TPH Fly Ash conveying system for 1850 mtrs.

Key Benefits
Prevention of pollution and protection of environment.
Fly ash can be used as raw materials for bricks, cement etc.
Fully enclosed system.
Energy and cost saving.
Prevent caking.
Space saving.
Small to high capacity system.
Long distance conveying capability.
Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying System
Mecgale offers Vacuum Conveying System for transportation of fly ash from ESP, Bag filters hoppers. This system runs on Dilute phase principle, hence works on low pressure (up-to 400mm of hg), conveying velocity is high (greater than 20 m/sec) and conveys a short distance. The material is fed continuously in to the conveying line with the help of Fly Ash Intake valve fitted below each hopper and vacuum is maintained by low pressure positive displacement blower. The installation cost of the system is low and the head room required is also low.
Mechanical Conveying System
In line with clients process requirement Mecgale offers Mechanical conveying system for fly ash handling. Depending upon process requirement, the system utilizes Bucket elevator, Screw Conveyor, Drag link chain conveyor .. etc.

Fly Ash Handling System For ESP Of 210MW Unit
Fly Ash Unloading System For ESP Of 210MW Unit
Fly ash stored in the fly ash storage silo most commonly utilizes Telescopic chute or Ash conditioner for loading into bulker / trucks for further transportation. Telescopic chute is used for loading fly ash into closed bulker/ tanker and Ash conditioner is used to load conditioned ash into open truck.

Mecgale also offers complete range of silo extraction system and our product range includes :-

Fly Ash Storage Silo Aeration & Extraction System
Rail Loading/ Unloading System
Bin weighing System
Bulker Loading / Unloading System
  Bottom Ash 
  Fly Ash
  Slurry Disposal system