Mecgale offers turnkey Eco-friendly solution for High Concentration Slurry Disposal System (HCSD) for Ash generated in coal based thermal Power plant. This environment friendly technology disposes fly ash , bottom ash & bed ash efficiently .

The High Concentration Slurry System operates on a higher concentration & for ash slurry it is about 60% solids by weight thereby water consumption is drastically reduced and hardly any water is released at the disposal area. The HCSD system comprises of feeding, mixing, pumping and piping system. For designing HCSD system it is extremely important to understand the properties of the slurry. It is therefore necessary to assume a range of parameters and design the mixing system & pumping system with enough flexibility to handle full range of possibilities.

The pump selected for transportation are piston diaphragm pump. These are two cylinder double acting, reciprocating positive displacement pump, designed to handle high density slurry and to withstand abrasive materials.

Though this technology was initially developed for power plant, HCSD system is also efficiently & effectively used in conveying and also disposing of ore fines generated from mining and mineral processing industries.

Benefits For HCSD System :-
Minimal water consumption, when compared with lean slurry system.
Nearly dry disposal system
No return water system is required
Requires less disposal area due to dry stacking
Negates water pollution related problem, as it is dry form of disposal.
Prevent pollution -Ash solidifies, thus prevents ash from flying.
Easy drainage of rainwater
Does not require Large Ash dyke
No pollution during transportation, as flows through pipeline.
Reduced power consumption.
Effectively used in mines void filling and land filling, does not require spreading.

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  Fly Ash
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