Laddle Injection System
Mecgale provides total solutions to pneumatically convey or inject powder/ granular materials for iron & steel , power, foundry, chemical.. etc industries as per the clients process needs. The system can smoothly work against varying back pressure, has an accuracy of ±3% and above all smooth feed of materials is fed to achieve higher & superior productivity or to reduce production cost.
  Pneumatic Injection system has a very wide application. Some of the application includes:-  
Carbon & Lime injection into Electric Arc Furnace
Coal injection into Blast Furnace
Pulverised coal & lime injection into Boiler
Sorbent material injection into Boiler.
Desulfurization material injection into Ladle.
Ash injection into Cement Kiln
Controlled feed.
Feed accuracy
Fully automatic
Environment Friendly
Increase Productivity
Easy to install



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