Pneumatic Conveying System are broadly classified as Lean Phase system, Medium Phase System, and Dense Phase System.

Lean Phase system operates at low pressure (vacuum / positive pressure) high volume of air with high velocity (25-40 m/sec) to convey Low concentration of particle in suspension through pipeline. Air to material ratio by volume >100.

Medium phase system operates at lower air velocity (15- 25 m/sec) and correspondingly higher particle concentration achieved with moderate air consumption. Air to material ratio by volume is 25 to 100.

Dense phase system utilizes a small amount of air at a high pressure to convey large amount of bulk material as a “slug” through enclosed pipeline at low velocity (4-10 m/sec). Air to material ratio by volume < 25.

Mecgale has developed various types of pneumatic conveying concept , utilizing above three method for efficiently handling a wide spectrum of dry bulk solids to suit various process & industry needs.
  Mecgale specializes in manufacturing all types of pneumatic conveying systems. It’s Product  range includes following :-  
    Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying system.  
    Vacuum Conveying system.  
    Low pressure Conveying system.  
    Injection System  
    Dust collection System.  
    Silo Loading/ Unloading System including Air Slide, Diverter gate, Flow control gate,     Isolation Gate, Weigh bin … etc.  



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