Trash Rack is a device that is used to prevent Trash and other debris from entering industrial raw water intake while not obstructing the flow of water. Trash racks are presently utilized by major thermal, hydro electric, nuclear power generating facilities and water treatment plants throughout the world. Water inlets of these types of projects must be equipped with grates or other devices to collect significant quantities of floating debris, litter and trash, for preventing these debris from entering the industrial intake turbine units and pumps.

Mecgale manufactures steel trash racks, fully assembled and site engineered for location, utilizing engineering grade galvanized/ stainless steel, for the toughest most durable bar screens available anywhere in the commercial market. The result is an incredibly strong, heavy-duty product that saves money on repair & maintenance due to its longevity. 
  Energy efficiency and capacity associated losses are avoided with presence of trash racks.  
  Enhances units’ safety.  
  Ensures reliability and availability by preventing down time associated with failures.  
  Eliminates bio- fouling.  
  Efficient water flow to turbines.  


  Travelling Water Screen
  Stop Log Gate
  Trash Rack
  Sluice Gates & Slide Gates