Intake water screening is achieved, by installing Travelling water screen. The screening of intake water is of utmost importance to protect downstream equipment such as pumps and condensers.. etc, to protect from malfunctioning.

The Mecgale’s Travelling water screens are operated continuously or intermittently, depending on requirements. As the water flows through the screen, baskets, typically made of MS/ SS / Fiberglass with varying size meshes, endless band of screening baskets through which the water passes, & removes the debris. Debris collected on the mesh panels is raised to deck level and removed by back washing. Finer mesh screens may be used for increased debris removal. The baskets, mounted to two strands of chain, travel to the top of the screen.

Mecgale’s Travelling water screens have for decades been operating successfully in water intakes of Nuclear & Thermal power stations, steel works, municipal and other industrial units.
  Completely eliminate debris carryover downstream of the system.  
  Ideal for high water volumes and heavy debris removal.  
  Protection of down water equipment.  
  Types of Travelling Water Screens  
  Broadly speaking traveling water screens are of two types:  
  Thru flow  
  Dual flow type  
We have executed various types of traveling water screen. One of our specially designed and commissioned Stainless Steel traveling water screen is operating smoothly in inhospitable environment in open sea condition at Nuclear Power Corporation India Ltd, Tarapur unit. Due to good performance of the system we have also bagged & executed repeat order from NPCIL.


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